CBN | THCA Infused PreRoll – GG4


There are times when you want to take a little puff, and there are times when you want to get undeniably and immovably stoned. When it’s time to take it there, Nug’s ‘Silk Pajamas’ Pre-Roll is designed to get you where you’re going. Clear your schedule.



About this strain: Original Glue

Original Glue (formerly known as Gorilla Glue or GG4) is an aromatic indica-dominant hybrid that originated in Nevada. Breeder Don “Joesy Whales” Peabody originally decided to call this strain “Gorilla Glue” because of how sticky the bud’s resin was — while trimming the plant, everything stuck to his fingers and scissors like the powerful adhesive. (A trademark battle ensued and the strain got a new name.)


Original Glue was created by crossing Chem’s Sister with Chocolate Diesel and Sour Dubb. The results are a potent flower with a piney, chocolaty, diesel aroma and flavor profile.


This sticky strain has won several awards, including Best Hybrid Flower at the 2015 World Cannabis Cup and 2nd place for Best Hybrid Flower at the 2016 Colorado Cannabis Cup.

Top reported strain effects

  • Energetic

  • Happy

  • Hungry

Top reported strain flavors

  • Earthy

  • Nutty

  • Tea


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