Q1. Who can order cannabis?

We ship to anyone around the world. If you are in the USA or CANADA feel free to order directly from our website. We prefer to speak on the phone with customers from anywhere else in the world. Please email us at info@exoticweedstrain.com .

Q2. Which payment methods are accepted in the Online Shop?

We accept Bitcoins, wire transfers and money orders. Please email us at info@exoticweedstrain.com or call us if you want the address to send payment for your orders.

Q3. Shipping cost and How long will delivery take?

For returning customer, all orders above $150 shipping is free.

For New customers, Delivery is free for all orders above $250.

Sameday Delivery (Within United states) with Tracking & Insurance – $50

3-4 Business Days with Tracking – $25

7 Business Days with Tracking – $15

Q4. Bitcoin Payment

There are bitcoin selling sites Like BRD And Local BitcoinBitcoin.com and Coin mama etc that will enable you to buy bitcoin fast and easily online.That is the bitcoin websites are already vendors on their own making them 100% accurate and swift with response

Once in any of the websites above,all you need to do is look for where it says “Buy Bitcoin” and click to it and they gone provide you with a form where you will need to put in your card details either your Credit Card or Debit Card but Credit Card in Most Cases and also the card owner verification i.e Driving License picture.Once your info is verified they also gone send you a Verification Code to either your cell number or email ,complete your verification with the verification code sent you. Immediately money cuts from from your card the bitcoin is been released to your bitcoin wallet,from there you can complete your shopping with us by sending the bitcoin to our bitcoin Wallet Address and provide us with a screenshot of the bitcoin transaction to our email confirming you completed your order,ASAP we will commence with your order packaging and registration for  delivery.

BRD and Bitcoin.com also got a mobile application named “BRD” and “Bitcoin Wallet By Bitcoin.com” respectively in apple app store and google play store which you can download purchase

Q5. How To Buy Bitcoin With Cash

  • Navigate to coinatmradar.com.
  • There you can search for a bitcoin ATM around you with your address.
  • If you need help, contact us via live chat for more info

Q6. General Steps To Use BTC ATM Are;

  • Select the service you need. You will see a list of various coins. Select “BITCOIN”
  • Press “Buy Bitcoins.”
  • Verify Your Identification. This Can Be, For Example, A Confirmation Code Sent To Your Phone.
  • You will be ask to “create a wallet” or “Provide Bitcoin Address”. Do not select “create a wallet”, copy the wallet address you see at the checkout page when placing your order. Then scan the wallet where you see “provide bitcoin address”.
  • Input Cash.
  • Print Receipt After Everything Is Confirmed.
  • This Method’s for customers using bitcoin for the first time.

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