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24.7%  THC

0.6% CBD


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Grape LA will remind it is an indica with its heavy narcotic effects from both indica dominant parents. Hybrid marijuana strains are much more common these days than pure indica or sativa. Therefore, the initial smell when opening the bag is a very noticable citrus and floral scent. Buy Insane OG with Bitcoin

Contrary to its name, it traces its genetic roots from a Mexican Sativa and an Afghani Indica. Thus, Matt’s OG is an indica heavy hybrid with THC levels that earn it a spot on this list. While its not recommended for inexperienced users, most users in general stick to very low doses (1 to 2 hits). Where to Buy Insane OG.

One of the strains used to develop Sour Lemon OG is California Sour. B-Real talks about his very own Insane OG. Our marijuana strain descriptions contain Strain Category, Lineage, Appearance, Effects, Aroma, and Taste profiles.  This is a sativa-dominant strain. As the high starts to wane, you’ll be eased into a deep and peaceful sleep. Among its most notable traits is its ability to induce a clear-headed high with a sharper focus.

Appearance and Effects of Insane OG (Buy Insane OG online)

Frosty lime-green buds are covered in orange pistils and put off a loud lemon citrus aroma that blasts through the bag. A popular choice to naturally deal with headaches or insomnia because of its particularly heady high. Smooth coffee flavors give way to sour earthy undertones, with a fresh pine scent typical of many OG Kush varieties. Buy Insane OG with Bitcoin

In-Depth Cannabis Strain Profile: Blue Girl Scout Cookies. Heavy smoking of GTH can lead to an almost psychedelic feel that may induce paranoia. Effects: True California OG Kush will have anyone Blown. If you’re looking to order online, please visit our online marijuana store. Blueberry Headband is a strain that seizes on some popular genetics to offer a well-balanced high. At best, it is insane.Order Insane OG Online

Jun 24, 2017 · I’m so confident with it that I accepted one of my old school OG’s after walking tthrough a bloom that had the worst infestation I’ve ever seen. hybrid. This phenotype of OG Kush smells/looks like an Indica, tastes like a Sativa, and hits like a Hybrid strain. It crosses with Purple Kush & Sunset Sherbert. You’ll likely find yourself couch-locked with this heavy hitting indica strain. Royal Gorilla: RQS Works Its Magic With Legendary Strain Gorilla Glue. It’s an exceptionally smooth smoke and the effects can be felt within minutes of the first inhalation. Inferno OG is a hybrid strain that produces an astounding 23% THC content. Jan 15, 2020 ·Buy Insane OG Online


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