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California-based cannabis brand cookies launched a unique cannabis strain named after the American basketball player and NBA legend Gary Payton. In collaboration with powerzzz genetics, cookies officially licensed Gary Payton’s name and image after naturally calling a flower as a standout strain of cannabis. gary payton cookies strain for sale USA

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Gary Payton strain review

Gary Payton is a product of the two giants Cookies and Powerzzz Genetics. Payton is a highly coveted Cookies cultivar named after the NBA Hall of Farmer. This strain is a cross between Snowman x The Y. Gary Payton strain is one of the most hyped cannabis strains in the nation. Therefore, making the strain one of the most highly demanded hybrid strains in the market. Just in time for the NBA preseason hype. The world of cannabis and pro sports are uniting like never before in the best selling new variety from the global cannabis brand Cookies. This isn’t some crass copyright violation. Either like The Game’s 2018 joke strain “LA Bron James.” Payton’s actually in on this one. Buy Gary Payton cookies .

Therefore, Combining the Y and Snowman breeds a potent, flavorful, and colorful strain. It has high amounts of THC and almost no CBD. Also middle-of-the-road effects that provide an even-keeled experience.

Effects and Medical benefits.

Waves of classic Cookie dank aroma—scrumptious, sweet, creamy, berry—washed out of the bag, perfuming every room in which it sat. Heads will call this “loud.” Exceedingly high-THC, intensely hybridized Gary Payton electrifies as it sedates. Thus generating a time-warping mental gauze that teleports you 180 minutes into the future. And over to some munchies. The strain is know to help solve stress, anxiety and best for night use due to it’s high THC content. Buy Gary Payton cookies online .

Where to find Gary Payton strain

Generally, Gary Payton strain is not that common to find in all cannabis shops. This is so because, the strain is yet to be known by most weed sellers talk less of weed users. Nevertheless, it should be noted that there are still a reasonable numbers of sellers online. Who do have stock of Gary Payton strain . You can always buy Gary Payton strain online from our online dispensary with guaranteed delivery and security. Shop Now. Buy Gary Payton cookies.


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