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This strain was recently introduced in the market by Neros Cutt one of the member of the Runtz brand. He is the founder of other strains strain like Obama Runtz and Frostiez strain. It is believed Blizzrdz is the rare unique strain Blizzard Bush. A very rare unique strain you would be lucky to find. Thus if you happen to find this strain Buy as much as you can. Blizzard kush is the cross of Pura Vida and Stardawg. Buy Blizzrdz strain online

Appearance of  Blizzrdz strain .

  The bud is a purple hue for the most part with random green patches of leaves. There are sporadic bunches of very long orange hairs all over the bud and the entirety of the bud is engulfed in trichome crystals. The aroma is described a few different ways online with a common theme of a sweet candy cured meat. It is believed to be the complex combination of sweet floral earthy dirt notes. Thus creates an almost rich sandalwood like scent. Therefore, Blizzrdz strain for sale, Blizzrdz strain for sale UK, Blizzrdz strain for sale Germany, Blizzrdz strain strain for sale Australia.

Effects of the strain.

Buy Blizzrdz strain online . It should be noted that most of these new strains are very loud. Thus caution should be taken while consuming them.  The inhale of Blizzrdz is an amazing mix of complex sweet rich creamy chocolatey notes. That smokes ever so smooth. Meanwhile the exhale takes a floral turn complemented by rich musky creamy earthy notes. Therefore, Buy Blizzrdz strain UK, Buy Blizzrdz strain Australia, Buy Blizzrdz strain Germany.

Medical benefits of  Blizzrdz by Neros Cutt.

The strain is said to be a favorite strain for patients. Blizzrdz strain said to be perfect for treating conditions such as insomnia, chronic pain. appetite loss or nausea and chronic stress or anxiety. Buy Blizzrdz strain online . Therefore, this strain has been prescribed by many doctors to patients with the above health problems. Hence the strain is a super strain. Thus, Blizzrdz strain strain info, Blizzrdz strain review, Blizzrdz Neros cut strain, Blizzrdz By Neros cut.

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