Runtz wax review. 

The Runtz Wax candle from Runtz is a 100% organic soy candle with an all-natural hemp wick. 

The Runtz candles are hand-made in California from 100% soy wax. Also Available in Runtz OG, Real Runtz,White Runtz and Pink Runtz. Candles are infused with natural botanical terpenes which gives each candles its individual sweet scent. Therefore, Buy black runtz strain, Runtz wax, Runtz wax cartridge, White runtz wax, New runtz wax pen, Black runtz strain, The runtz, new runtz city strain, Hybrid runtz.

Hence, Runtz wax candle smells like one of the world’s finest strains they contain no THC and no CBD. Which means these candles are completely non-psychoactive and legal to sale in the uk. Hence, buy runtz wax UK, Runtz Wax UK, Buy black runtz strain, Banana runtz wax, Banana runtz wax price, Banana runtz wax for sale.

Effects Banana runtz wax.

Light one up and relax while the soothing aroma of the Runtz candle and calms your mood.

The Runtz aromatherapy candle has a burn time of between 13-18 hours and come packaged in a branded Runtz jar and a stylish Runtz box.

Runtz is one of the leading brands on the Californian market. producing some of best flowers and merchandise collaborating with brands like re-stash and glowtray. Therefore, Banana runtz wax UK, Banana runtz wax Australia, Banana runtz wax Germany, buy Banana runtz wax UK, Buy Banana runtz wax Australia, Buy Banana runtz wax Canada.


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1 Ounce, 10 grams, 15 grams, 20 grams

Shipping Method

2-3 Days, Overnight

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Bitcoin, Cash app, Money gram, Paypal, Western union, Zelle


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